Use Our Organic Soaps for Touchable, Soft Skin

From professional hair care to organic skin care, Asmait Fragrance & Skin Care has just want you need for a better you. Indulge in our organic soaps and turn heads with our exhilarating fragrances. Shop our store to find the scents that suit your personality the best.

USDA-Certified Organic Soaps for Women

Our USDA-certified organic soaps are made from pure, organic oils and ingredients. They nourish and provide moisture to soften and smooth skin, so it stays healthy, radiant, and supple. Our soaps are available in different scents, and just like all of our products, they have been tried and tested for your safety. Learn more about each bar here, and try all of our different flavors including:

• Patchouli
• Thyme Garden
• Lemongrass Tea
• Montana Prairie
• Lavender Or Citrus Lavender
• Oatmeal Spice or Shea Honey Oatmeal
• Forest Tonic
• Peppermint Leaf
• Organic Lavender Soap
• Unscented/Sensitive Skin
• Pink Grapefruit Or Blood Orange and Bergamot